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Friday, November 8, 2013 8:53 pm
Audiobooks in the News
Posted by: Mary Burkey

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Two great articles featuring audiobooks & narrators Kirby Heyborne, Barbara Rosenblat, Tavia Gilbert & Robin Miles.

The Deseret News gives a great overview of the current growth of the audiobook marketplace and the changing habits of readers who consume books via audio in “Audiobooks: A Rising Industry and a Multitasker’s Dream” by Trent Toon, which features Heyborne and this great quote from writer George Will:

“I read all the time. It’s all I do. I have on my smartphone, 34, at the moment, 34 recorded books. I got up today and it was pitch-dark in downtown Provo and I went for my morning walk listening to a book. And I’ll drive back to Salt Lake City Airport listening to a book. I shaved this morning listening to a book. I go through three hours of listening to books a day. I go through 70 books a year. Over a decade, that’s 700 books — adds up — and a little bit of it sticks,” the Pulitzer Prize-winner said. “So read. Read, read, read more.”

New York Magazine gets steamy with “How to Sound Sexy, According to the Women Who Narrate Audiobook Erotica,” by Grace Bello – a story with a twist. In the New York Magazine feature, the star-power narrators give their advice on turning up the heat with vocal coaching on talking dirty. Rosenblat, Miles (who records erotica using the pseudonym Violet Grey), and Gilbert share frank observations on the super hot audiobook erotica market, and lessons for listeners with this observation from Tavia Gilbert: 

“It’s about being safe in your own skin, being safe in who you are, what makes you feel good with the person you are with in that moment. That’s the best way to be really successful talking dirty or having the great, sensual relationship you want.”


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  1. Mary Burkey Says:

    And it’s not just ladies who sound sexy – check out the auction items from your favorite narrators, including four “Hot Men of Audiobooks.”

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