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Saturday, July 20, 2013 11:15 am
Just for Fun
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Pick the audiobook narrator who’ll portray Tobias in Veronica Roth’s Allegiant – an Animorph inspiration!

HarperAudio has a cool crowd-sourced contest where listeners hear audition sound clips from four actors, and then choose the voice of Tobias on the Allegiance audio. Roth announced last week at ComicCom that the last book in the series is told from two points of view, with chapters alternating the voices, so audiobook listeners will finally hear both Tris AND Tobias. Take your turn as audiobook casting director on this Facebook page.

And here’s a fun fact. I was fortunate to have dinner with authors Michael Grant and Veronica Roth, along with their publisher Katherine Tegen, last month at ALA’s conference in Chicago (where the movie of Roth’s Divergent was being filmed and Grant’s wife Katherine Applegate was honored with the Newbery award ). Of course, I was fascinated to listen to the two authors discuss completing their best-selling series – 24-year-old Roth finishing her third published book and Grant with over 150 titles to his name, including my favorite, the Gone series. But the best part of the conversation came when Roth shared her totally fandom for the over 50 books in the Animorph series, co-authored by Grant & Applegate. Roth’s favorite Animorph character? Tobias, who was trapped in the body of a red-tailed hawk in the first Animorph title. So cool to learn the inspiration for Divergent‘s hawk symbol and the name of the character of Tobias/Four!

Now if HarperAudio would just get busy on recording the Gone series audiobooks…

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