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Archive for November, 2011

Mon, November 28th, 2011
The Mind’s Ear
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Article in the NYT on the power of audiobooks – James Parker, Entertainment columnist for The Atlantic has a great article, The Mind’s Ear, in the Sunday Book Review section of The New York Times, pondering the impact of the narrator’s voice in interpreting literature. Here’s a great quote from the piece: And where do […]

Sat, November 26th, 2011
Score! Tina Fey’s Bossypants free on Audible
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Click here quick for this A+ audio. Who knows how long these holiday shopping deals will last? Fey’s narration on this Hachette production is first rate – Bossypants is certainly one of the best author-read audios ever. Do yourself a favor and grab this one FAST!

Tue, November 22nd, 2011
Holiday Audio Bargain
Posted by: Mary Burkey

20 kid’s audiobooks for 99 cents – Tales2Go Happy Holidays app from iTunes has over 30 hours of winter-themed listening goodness, from traditional tales such as The Brave Tin Soldier and The Story of Hanukkah to favorite characters Clifford and Clementine available here for Apple iOS gadets. This stand-alone audio app is a great way […]

Mon, November 21st, 2011
Neil Gaiman on The Simpsons
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Best line of the episode? ”And the audiobook is only available abridged. ABRIDGED!” followed by maniacal laughter from the evil CEO of TweenLit Inc, played by Andy Garcia. I’m glad that Gaiman – a huge proponent of audiobooks -was able to include an audio reference in the show “The Book Job,” which focused on Lisa Simpson’s disillusionment over the fact that […]

Sat, November 12th, 2011
Monday 11am: Live narrator forum
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Six audiobook stars speak in a live chat hosted by the All About Romance blog. If you’ve always want to know the inside scoop on the art of audiobook performance, tune in by clicking this link to participate in real time at 11am Eastern time on Monday, November 14th. Or – if you can’t […]

Mon, November 7th, 2011
Nook Tablet = do-it-yourself audiobooks
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Read into the Nook’s microphone , and add your own narration to kid’s picture books. There’s plenty of press on today’s announcement of the newest competitor in the eReader wars, but the unique addition of an on-board mic really caught my eye. The promo video highlights the “Read and Record” ability, which allows a child […]

Fri, November 4th, 2011
Free Audio in the Transliterate Classroom
Posted by: Mary Burkey

The Princess and the Pea & transliteracy. Naxos Audio’s free MP3 file can be played on your computer, or dragged & dropped on any player (just scroll down, right-click link & save). Perfect for your little princess! And perfect timing for me. I’m developing a transliteracy unit for gifted 6th graders, examining the concept of theme […]

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