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Tuesday, October 19, 2010 11:26 am
Today’s FREE audiobook Frankenstein
Posted by: Mary Burkey

It’s no trick -  treat yourself to the perfect Halloween season listen:  Frankenstein, narrated by Simon Vance (Booklist’s 2008 Voice of Choice). Tantor Audio is offering the free download of the 8 hour, 30 minute classic for a “limited time,” so I suggest downloading it NOW. Just visit the Tantor website here and grab the MP3.

I love having audiobooks as an MP3 – I can add to my iPod, cell phone, or – my new favorite for audiobook listening – my Kindle 3. The Kindle won’t allow download of many non-Audible audiobook formats (for example, those downloaded from the public library) but you can drag-n-drop MP3 audiobooks onto the Kindle as if they were music files. One thing I don’t like? That Amazon (owner of Audible) has not yet enabled playing a professionally narrated audiobook downloaded from Audible (or an MP3) WHILE following along with the book. I know that following the text while listening to the robotic Kindle text-to-speech is a technique used by some readers, but it would be so much better to have a real person doing the reading. And while I’m making my wish list, how about bundled purchase of both print & professional audiobook of bestsellers in a single package or download – just like Tantor has been doing with their nearly 300 classics plus companion PDF eBook on disc!

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