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Tuesday, September 7, 2010 5:35 am
Have you joined Audiobook Community?
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Visit Audiobook Community

Social networking for narrators, industry professionals, and the fans who love audiobooks – now over 4,000 strong! Meet up with your favorite audiobook voice and learn what new project will be their next release. Find out about free downloads, such as the terrific Sync program that provided so many great Young Adult tiles for summertime listening. Gain insider knowledge of tip & tricks from the pros, from home recording studios to producing a narrator demo recording. Share your must-have titles, and learn about new blockbusters as well as the best of the backlist. You’ll even find occasional interviews with members of the Audiobook Community. Last week, I spent some time chatting with the marvelous Katherine Kellgren as an Audiobook Community discussion. You can read the interview here – and while you’re on the site, be sure to join up & friend a few of your favorite narrators!

2 Responses to “Have you joined Audiobook Community?”
  1. Gail Mathabane Says:

    I am an author with a new book coming out. I found a fabulous narrator who read it aloud and created an awesome downloadable audio book. Now I need to find the perfect site to host my audio book. Any suggestions? I’m looking into Payloadz and wondered if there are other sites I should consider. Thanks,
    Gail Mathabane

  2. Mary Burkey Says:

    Hi Gail – Audiobook Community is the perfect place to ask your question! Head over to the web address above and post your question – you’ll get answers from audiobook professionals. Good luck!

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