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Thursday, May 27, 2010 4:38 pm
Audiobooker takes the Mic!
Posted by: Mary Burkey


Chicken? Nope! A visit to Weston Woods Studios set me squawking in the sound booth egged on by Director of Productions Paul Gagne. After a week that included an informative day of panels at the Audio Publishers Association Conference, a fantastic day of learning at School Library Journal’s Day of Dialog, the star-studded evening at the Audies Awards, and the bustle of Book Expo America, I was thrilled to visit Weston Woods. I’ve been a fan since watching Weston Woods productions on Captain Kangaroo fifty years ago. And now I’ll be a background chick on an upcoming audiobook CD, accompanied by my Odyssey Award committee flock-sister Connie Rockman. What a treat to be hosted by Gagne & Melissa Reilly, who have more film, video, and audiobook awards than you can shake a feather at plus sound engineer extraordinaire Steve Syarto. Can’t wait to hear the final release with my immortal lines “Eep” and “Awk!”

4 Responses to “Audiobooker takes the Mic!”
  1. Teri Lesesne Says:

    So cool. Wish I were there.

  2. Connie Rockman Says:

    The smiles on our faces tell the whole story … what great fun it was to create voice-overs for the Emberleys’ panicking poultry while Paul and Steve fell over laughing at the sound board. Children’s book and film folk have the Best. Jobs. Ever.

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    [...] that I can claim experience behind the mic after my role as a chicken in the Weston Woods studio, I hope to broaden my resume as a Flying Monkey in the “Lend Your [...]

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    [...] Woods gave me the chance to be part of  an ALA Notable production! You might remember my post about recording the background clucks and squawks for Rebecca Emberley & Ed Emberley’s [...]

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