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Monday, March 23, 2009 9:00 am
Cassette tape as art
Posted by: Mary Burkey

In these times of tight budgets, I try to reuse/repurpose as much as possible – such as saving CD audiobook clamshell boxes from titles I’ve removed from the collection due to low circulation, to replace the worn boxes of the high circulating items and sending the discarded CDs to the art teacher for recycled craft projects. I spent some time last week weeding audiobooks on cassette tape from my collection, replacing favorite titles with newly-released CD editions. I saved a few of the clamshell boxes, but couldn’t think of a use for the cassettes themselves. But lo and behold – a great craft idea from iri5 called Ghost in the Machine – portraits done in cassette tape. How cool would it be to render an audiobook’s author in celluose? Or perhaps the main character or setting? There’s something Etch-a-Sketchy about the whole process that calls to even my decidedly non-creative inner artist. How I wish I had known about this for Teen Tech Week! You can bet I’ll be squirreling away cassettes for next year’s Teen Tech Week – I even have some old 16mm films to use. My waste-not-want-not hording is finally validated :-)

Thanks to Neatorama for the link!

3 Responses to “Cassette tape as art”
  1. Laura Says:

    Oh my goodness these are cool!

  2. Bryan Jones Says:

    Many “underground” experimental, noise, and free folk musicians recycle old tapes for handmade limited edition recordings.

    Discover your local sound art crafter. They’ll take your tapes!

  3. Mary Says:

    Thanks, Brian, for an awesome use for those old tapes!

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