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Sunday, March 15, 2009 7:54 pm
Star reviewer Mary Frances Wilkens on Howard Stern
Posted by: Mary Burkey

OK, I admit it – I am a bit jealous of Booklist’s Mary Frances Wilkens. After all, it’s not every day that a mild-mannered reviewer for the American Library Association earns her fifteen minutes of fame. But that’s exactly what happened when Mary Fran, long-time fan of Howard Stern’s radio show, was assigned the decidedly adult audiobook written by Stern show regular Artie Lange. When Mary Fran starred the review of Lange’s Too Fat to Fish, little did she realize that her work would catch the eye (ear?) of Stern’s radio show producers. But lo and behold, the fan became the featured guest, as Mary Fran was interviewed on the show! Not only that, but Random House Director of Master Recordings Dan Zitt also made an appearance on the Stern show, talking about producing & directing audiobooks and the process of recording Too Fat to Fish – certainly one of the few occasions where President Bill Clinton & the Howard Stern cast are compared :-) Audiobooks make the big time!

2 Responses to “Star reviewer Mary Frances Wilkens on Howard Stern”
  1. Sue-Ellen Says:

    What a fun post, Mary and how neat to hear the two clips. You are right, this is definitely an adult audiobook. Also it doesn’t fit the mold of an audio-friendly title as the “substitute readers” (see the review as to why they had to bring in subs) are not professional readers, but the whole thing works in a very compelling manner.

  2. Mary Frances Says:

    lol this is funny

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