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Friday, March 13, 2009 4:46 am
Share a Story, Shape a Future: Day 5
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Welcome to Day 5 of the Share a Story, Shape a Future blog tour – be sure to visit all of the sites focusing on literacy this week. Today’s focus is “Technology and Reading – What the Future Holds” and is hosted by Elizabeth O. Dulemba. Visit Elizabeth’s blog for the complete post with information on audiobooks from Bruce Coville , E-books from Harold Underdow & Sheila Ruth, podcasts with Andrea Ross & Cheryl Rainfield, and more. Elizabeth will also have a complete interview with me on her blog on Monday, March 16th. Here’s a recap of the pointers to information from Audiobooker that I shared with Elizabeth:

Find out lots of interesting facts about audiobook listeners in the Audio Publishers Association’s annual survey

Here’s a link to more on family listening from my audiobook column “Voices in My Head” in the American Library Association’s Book Links magazine:

If you’d like an extensive list of both print and online research and resources on the benefits of audiobooks, here’s a link to my blog post

Here’s an MP3 shopping suggestion list

If you’d like to supply yourself with the lingo that describes the variations in audiobook production and narration, take a look at the Audiobook Lexicon I created

Find out more, including great download suggestions from ALA’s recommended audiobook lists, here

Learn more about the Odyssey Award for Excellence in Audiobook Production

I have a huge list of favorites just from last year – so many the list is in three parts! Take a look

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  1. Elizabeth O. Dulemba Says:

    Mary – Thanks so much for the shout-out as well as sharing your thoughts for Share a Story – Shape a Future. I can’t wait to share our entire interview on Monday!

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