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Archive for February, 2009

Mon, February 9th, 2009
Audies finalists announced
Posted by: Mary Burkey

It is award season! Today the Audio Publishers Association announced the finalists for the 2009 Audie Awards. From the APA: Nominations Are Announced in 29 Categories The Audio Publishers Association (APA) has announced nominations for the 2009 Audies competition. Winners will be announced at The Audies gala on May 29, 2009 at the New-York Historical […]

Mon, February 9th, 2009
Spoken word Grammy winners
Posted by: Mary Burkey

On February 8th, the 2009 Grammy Award winners were announced. Of course, I was more interested in the Spoken Word award winners than the music awards! But I am a fan of Alison Krauss, so I must take a break from audiobooks long enough to listen to her duet alblum Raising Sand with former Led […]

Fri, February 6th, 2009
The blogs are alive with the sound of swearing
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Bouncing around the blogs today are audio outtakes from Barack Obama’s self-narrated audiobook Dreams from My Father, featuring quotations from Obama’s high school friend (but read in the voice of our president) using profanity and offensive terminology. This brings up a question I’ve often grappled with: Does hearing  a shock-laden term affect an audiobook listener more than reading the […]

Thu, February 5th, 2009
Today’s Video Break – Spoken Word Smackdown!
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Stephen Cobert & Steve Martin are both up for a Spoken Word Grammy this Sunday. They put their reading skills to the test on a purple-prose paragraph from Danielle Steel. Thanks to Shelf Talker for the link!

Wed, February 4th, 2009
Free Audiobook: Not for Sale
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Christian Audio gives away a free audiobook each month, and February’s title is Not for Sale by David Batstone. Use the coupon code FEB2009 to receive the free unabridged title. Here’s more info: Award-winning journalist David Batstone reveals the story of a new generation of 21st century abolitionists and their heroic campaign to put an […]

Tue, February 3rd, 2009
Tech tip: FM car transmitter
Posted by: Mary Burkey

Here’s a quick tip for those of you who use a FM transmitter to listen to audiobooks on your MP3 player, iPod, or Playaway in a car without a line-in jack. Sirius Satellite Radio has a free FM Channel finder that will give you the frequency with the fewest interruptions: SIRIUS FM Channel Finder is […]

Sun, February 1st, 2009
Today’s video break: The heart of teaching
Posted by: Mary Burkey

As a middle-school teacher-librarian, sometimes I have to remind myself why I do what I do in the doldrums of February. This video reminds me of the heart of teaching – Klingon-style Funny Videos | Funny Cartoons | More Video Clips

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